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Weatherflo HD Enclosures from Hoffman

hof_weatherflo_204_180Introducing the Hoffman brand Weatherflo HD, your comprehensive solution for housing VFD`s. This solution provides integrated cooling and is specifically designed to support the weight requirements of variable frequency drives (VFD’s) ranging from 100 to 500 HP. The WEATHERFLO HD solution offers a wide range of design options that ensure sustained operation of heavy-duty VFD’s in demanding outdoor environments. Flexible and innovative back panel loading options facilitate ease of installation and enclosures can be ganged together, facilitating an increase in control capability.

WEATHERFLO HD outdoor Type 3R enclosures—available in one- or two-door configurations—feature aluminum construction with white polyester powder painted finish for low solar absorption. Optional accessory impeller packages provide 840 actual CFM of exhaust airflow per impeller. Flexible back panel design facilitates horizontal or vertical panel installation from the rear for increased safety and ease of setup.


Product Features:

  • Innovative back panel loading: Less travel distance, option to bring enclosure to panel
  • Shielded impeller packages: Provide 840 actual CFM per impeller, shielded to prevent seizing
  • Stainless steel hinges: Ensure door operation in wet environments
  • Stainless steel mesh screen: Protects intake and exhaust areas from animal/human interaction and debris
  • POWERGLIDE handles: Secure, smooth operating and reliable
  • Gangable: Ability to expand with the control demands
  • Vented base: Includes innovative recessed louver design, reduces interference points
  • White textured paint: Durable finish, aids in heat dissipation

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