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Schneider Electric`s Altivar 212 and S-Flex variable-speed drives

sqd_s-flex_204_180Schneider Electric`s Altivar 212 variable-speed drive and the S-Flex enclosed version are designed to provide OEMs and control panel builders with energy efficient solutions for pump and fan applications. Both theAlivar 212 VFD and S-Flex feature electronic motor controls that are designed to reduce the mechanical stress on belts, piping and ductwork, and eliminate valve or inlet guide vane maintenance.

Schneider Electric`s Altivar 212 and S-Flex Variable Frequency Drivesare engineered to eliminate the need for throttling valves, dampers or inlet guide vanes that are typically used to control the flow of fluids.

Schneider Electric’s Altivar 212 includes a full complement of integrated building automation networks. Embedded reduced harmonic technology is designed to reduce the wire size and the size of upstream overcurrent protection devices.

Additional features include:

  • The drive’s local/remote button
  • An optional remote-mount English text keypad
  • The S-Flex has a smaller enclosure size than its counterpart and features fewer points of electrical failure
  • Embedded communications (Modbus, Apogee FLN P1, Metasys N2, BacNet) and LonWorks available via option card