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Schneider Electric introduces the Harmony Biometric Switch

sqd_bioswitchThe new Harmony Biometric Switch allows you to protect access to your operators and equipment, while lowering costs. Using fingerprint recognition, the Harmony biometric switch from Schneider Electric is an innovative, stand-alone solution that protects your equipment from unauthorized use at a price well below competitive products. Advanced fingerprint recognition technology means increased security for your employees, machines and systems, plus lower operating and administrative costs.

This switch allows you to reduce your maintenance and machine downtime resulting from unauthorized operation (inappropriate adjustment of machine settings, vandalism, etc.) It also can eliminate costs associated with the administration or loss of keys, cards, badges, etc.

This is a high performance switch that has a memory capacity of 200 fingerprints, prints from multiple or different fingers can be recorded for each operator. Touting excellent resistance to mechanical shock and vibration and NEMA 12 protection you be confident that it will last.

Protect both your operators and your equipment from unauthorized access and usage

  • Utilizing fingerprint recognition technology, Schneider Electric’s Harmony biometric switch is a competitive alternative to other access control systems.
  • Simple and efficient, it enables you to restrict access to sensitive areas and machine functions – including, start-up, adjustments, and maintenance – to only authorized personnel.
  • The advances and level of performance achieved in biometric technology has now enabled us to offer a robust, cost-effective solution, which is essential in industrial environments.
  • As a worldwide leader in operator dialogue components, Schneider Electric is excited to offer you an affordable machine access control solution, without forgetting the importance of user-friendliness and simplicity of installation.

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