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Pro-face Industrial Computers and HMI

proface_AGP4100Leading the way in human-machine interface (HMI), Pro-face was the first to produce a panel computer that integrates a touch panel monitor with a PC body. Since the launch of their product, they have established themselves as the leading manufacturer of industrial panel computers and programmable displays, attaining high reputations in many production fields throughout the world.

Continuing in the spirit of innovation Pro-face has recently released the AGP4100 compact HMI series, consisting of six models of 3.4” touch screen equipped Operator interfaces.

Pro-face AGP4100 Features

Visualization: The AGP4100 series offers full graphic touch screen interfaces at text display prices, and uses a full range of features such as switches, lamps, graphs, alarm display, security and visibility animation to provide clear application feedback to the operator. To further enhance operator feedback the energy efficient LED backlights used can be changed to three colors depending on the selected model. This allows the screen to change color from white or green for normal operation, to pink or orange for warnings or messages, and red for alerts or alarms.

Component Reduction: Using the powerful GP-Pro EX programming software, a wide variety of PLC, Servo, temperature and robot controller drivers are available. In addition, a USB barcode or 2D code reader can be connected directly to the HMI without the need for separate data input stations. The compact size of the AGP4100 makes it an excellent pushbutton and pilot light replacement, with the added benefit of flexibility in application updates and reduced wiring needs.

Reduced Development Time: GP-Pro EX V2.6 Limited Edition is used to program the AGP4100 series. The Limited Edition is the free version of the development software for all Pro-face 3000 Series Operator Interfaces and WinGP runtime equipped Industrial PCs. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, including the use of templates and reusable parts project development and maintenance, time can be significantly reduced over hardwired components.

World Wide Support: In addition to a knowledgeable phone support team and local field engineers throughout the North American market, Pro-face offers support for hardware and software worldwide. No matter where a system with a Pro-face HMI ships, local software and hardware support, repair and spare parts are available.

Pro-face is the world leader in HMI solutions and industrial computer products. Pro-face continues to set the global standards for HMI solutions by offering the industry`s most extensive product offerings with the highest levels of connectivity. Principal Pro-face products include HMI touch screens, operator interfaces, and industrial PCs.

To find out more about Pro-face Industrial PC and HMI solutions, contact your CPI representative to at 303-623-5313 or send us an inquiry.