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Phoenix Contact Wireless Transmission of Digital and Analog Signals

phx_bluetooth1The wireless IO solution ILB BT ADIO MUX from Phoenix Contact allows wireless transmission of digital and analog signals between two terminals. Depending on field conditions, distances of up to 400 meters can be achieved. As a result, process and control signals can be transmitted in adverse conditions when laying cables may be costly or impossible. Communications uses standard Bluetooth version 1.2, which operates at 2.4 GHz with an integrated, adaptive frequency hopping process to ensure reliable data transmission without interference from existing WLAN 802.11 b/g systems.


The Bluetooth Wireless MUX from Phoenix Contact is specifically designed for applications seeking a low-cost, high-speed, bidirectional wireless solution for distances of up to 400 meters. This makes it particularly well suited for many simple applications in machine and system production where a wireless solution has previously been considered too expensive to implement. Although there are potential areas of overlap with the PhoenixContact Trusted Wireless solution, consideration of the requirements for transmission distance, multipoint communications or modular expansion can help you determine the appropriate product for the application.


  • Bidirectional transmission of 16 digital and 2 analog signals
  • Less than 10ms transmission time
  • Bluetooth 1.2 HID profile
  • Frequency range 2.403-2.480 GHz, ISM band
  • 24V digital inputs 1 wire technology
  • 24V digital outputs, .5 Amp max 1 wire technology
  • Single ended analog connections for voltage or current signals
  • Diagnostic and status indications for signal strength, IO status, short circuit, and wireless fail safe mode
  • One part # consists of 2 modules with 2 OMNI or panel antennas
  • Operation temperature -25C to +60C

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