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The Magelis SCU HMI Controller – Easy Control for Your Small Machines and Applications

Magelis_SCU_NewsSchneider Electric’s new generation of small HMI Controllers deliver maximum functionality while keeping installation easy. The Magelis SCUis a modular HMI controller that delivers ample functionality for control of small machines and simple processes, while saving up to 30% in installation and ownership costs throughout the machine lifecycle.



Reduce Costs

1Magelis_SCU_screenMagelis SCU substantially reduces wiring and costs when compared to solutions with a separate PLC and HMI by embedding all the key functions in one modular solution.

Minimize installation time and effort

Cut-out free installation of the display module is as easy as installing a simple pushbutton. The controller module is mounted directly in a 22mm diameter hole, or snapped on a DIN rail via a remote cable. I/O connections are screwdriver-free on a removable terminal block built in with spring clamps resistant to vibration.

Save Space

Magelis SCU helps you save the space that is normally reserved for a PLC, making it suitable for installations with very limited space.


Powered by SoMachine™2Magelis_SCU_IO

The Magelis SCU is part of the Flexible Control Solution for OEM based on the the SoMachine software, supporting six programming languages (FBD, ST, SFC, LD, IL, CFC) and compliant with IEC 61131-3.
With SoMachine, Magelis SCU customers can benefit from the expertise and know-how of Schneider Electric through a rich set of templates (programs, architectures, etc.), libraries (function blocks, etc.), and integrated expert functions. Define your variables once and maintain a single project file.

Product Features

  • Available in 3.5” and 5.7” touch screen LCD displays.
  • Digital I/O, including HSC, PTO/PWM, and analog I/O, including temperature inputs.
  • Communication via ports: USB (linking to tower lights and illuminated switches), serial, Ethernet, and CANopen.
  • Crystal-clear display to be more user-friendly for easy viewing and for accurate control even with gloves.3Magelis_SCU_install
  • Capacity for one axis management, with 100kHz high-speed counters and fast output PTO/PWM 50kHz
  • Remote device control with CANopen Master extension capability
  • Analog I/O with tension/current signal
  • Large library of SoMAchine function blocks and PID loops
  • Temperature inputs for TC, PT100, and PT1000 probe

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