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Levelese Simplifies Liquid Level Measurement

levelese_204_180Introducing the Levelese continuous liquid level system: A simple, accurate solution for your liquid level measuring needs. Levelese level measuring systems use the principle of buoyancy to weigh an inert plastic chain secured below the fluid surface to determine the inverse of the liquid level. This measurement is then converted into an analog, digital orwireless electronic signal for indication, alarming, and other uses.

Specified, patented and designed by engineers with half a century of personal experience in level instrumentation, Levelese has been designed to operate in the most stringent environments ranging from marine oil storage to acidic material transportation vessels to rivers and streams. Levelese is not affected by turbulence or the actual depth of the vessel as in a deep well.

Levelese continuous level monitors are:

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Highly reliable
  • Without moving parts
  • Possess wide range ability from 3 ft to more than 166 ft
  • Accurate with negligible sensing errors
  • Able to operate in explosive, corrosive, and extreme environments


  • Wine, Alcohol & Soft Drinks
  • Petroleum Production Tanks
  • Chemical Tanks
  • Well Water Level Measurement
  • River & Dam Monitoring
  • Bunker Fuel Level
  • Fuel Tank Level
  • Open Channel Flow Monitoring

For more information about Levelese contact us at 303-623-5313 or visit the Levelese website