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Industrial Rugged meets IT Secure – mGuard VPN Solutions from Phoenix Contact

phoenix_contact_mguard_VPNThe FL mGuard product line from Phoenix Contact provides industrially rated security functions including firewall, routing and VPN to industrial networks.  These high level Layer-3 networking functions are essential for protecting your industrial network from both malicious attacks and accidental interruption, as well as connecting to office or IT-networks and providing secure, fast connectivity for supporting remote installations. Easy to set up and configure, these devices offer the perfect solution for industrial networking and process monitoring.

Both the RS2000 and RS4000 include an SD Card reader that allows easy upload and backup of configurations and simplifies rapid deployment of multiple units. While the RS2000 is a optimized as a basic VPN router, the RS4000 has a full range of andvanced features, including firewall and sophisticated security, traffic prioritization and redundancy. Mobile, Desktop, and PCI versions are also available allowing for a full line of security products for all deployment scenarios.

The mGuard RS2000 and RS4000 variants feature:

  • SD Card reader for easy configuration management and to simplify rapid deployment
  • Wide -20 to +60C temperature range
  • Rugged hardware designed for harsh installation environments
  • Easy to use web interface, preconfigured firewall rules and hardware control of your VPN tunnel – all designed to make installation, administration and maintenance simpler and less complex
  • While the RS2000 is optimized as a basic VPN router, the RS4000 has a full-range of advanced qualities included user-firewall and advanced security, traffic prioritization and redundancy

For More information check out Phoenix Contact`s mGuard Industrial VPN Product Information Page or View our product offering below:

Phoenix Contact FL mGuard Line
Model Catalog Number Type
2700197 FL MGUARD GT/GT 2700197 Industrial Firewall Router
2200515 FL MGUARD RS4000 TX/TX VPN 2200515 Industrial VPN Router
2700198 FL MGUARD GT/GT VPN 2700198 Industrial VPN Router
2700634 FL MGUARD RS4000 TX/TX 2700634 Industrial VPN Router
2700639 FL MGUARD SMART2 VPN 2700639 Mobile VPN Router
2700642 FL MGUARD RS2000 TX/TX VPN 2700642 Industrial VPN Router
2700967 FL MGUARD DELTA TX/TX 2700967 Desktop VPN Router
2989417 FL MGUARD PCI/533 VPN 2989417 PCI Card VPN Router