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Hoffman PROLINE Airflow Containment System Efficiency and Lowers Energy Costs

hof_prolineThe Hoffman brand PROLINE Containment System is designed to segregate cold (intake) and hot (exhaust) air. Consisting of aisle doors, ceiling panels and chimney stacks, the new containment system can be used for hot or cold air containment, preventing the hot and cold air from mixing—which can lead to poor cooling and wasted energy. By increasing cooling efficiency, the system manages a higher thermal density without requiring additional cooling units—which can result in extra capital costs and expensive equipment downtime. Available for use on raised or non-raised floors in small to large data centers, the PROLINE Containment System is designed for use with the company’s popular line of PROLINE cabinets and can be modified to work with alternative enclosure brands.
The PROLINE Containment System accommodates 36 and 48-inch aisle ways. Fully gasketed aisle doors keep hot and cold airflow contained in separate areas when closed. With ergonomically positioned interior and exterior grab handles, safety glass and interior lighting, the aisle doors allow complete accessibility and easy visibility of network equipment. Clear and transparent door and ceiling panels provide maximum light to the aisle way, and tool-less ceiling panels utilize Velcro to attach to the top of the cabinet, providing quick discharge of panels for cleaning or above-the-cabinet equipment access. Chimney ceiling panels are also used to direct hot air back to cooling devices, preventing hot exhaust from rising through the containment area. The chimney panels are available in two heights with infinite adjustments possible between minimum and maximum extensions, accommodating a wide range of application requirements.

 Additional features designed to improve usability and equipment access include:

  • Provides quick access to aisle way: aisle doors slide to the right via a heavy duty top-mounted track and trolley
  • Accommodates 36-inch (OSHA minimum aisle width) or 48-inch (two floor tile) aisle ways
  • Features ergonomically positioned grab handles on interior and exterior of contained aisle, providing easy access to network equipment
  • Delivers maximum light to aisle way with clear transparent door and ceiling panels
  • Includes easy-to-install, tool-less ceiling panels, which can be quickly removed for cleaning and provide above the cabinet access to cables, equipment and systems
  • Offers easy-to-modify, 0.22-inch polycarbonate window ceiling panels to accommodate local fire suppression codes (sprinkler heads)
  • Directs hot exhaust air back to the computer room cooling devices via a drop ceiling or duct work when chimney ceiling panels are used
  • Fits a wide range of applications with chimney available in two heights (short and tall), with infinite adjustments between minimum and maximum extensions
  • Offers easy ordering and installation: Complete step-by-step installation instructions are provided for quick assembly of containment system

“Traditional hot aisle/cold aisle cabinet layouts have 3,000 to 7,000 watts in maximum cabinet heat load limitations and allow over 70 percent of cold air to mix with hot exhaust,” said Brian Mordick, Senior Product Manager. “By maintaining enclosed areas of cold or hot airflow, the PROLINE Containment System increases overall data center efficiency and lowers energy costs.” Mordick adds, “A more efficient cooling system not only decreases the need for costly improvements or additional cooling units, but also lengthens the life of an existing data center.”

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