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High Speed Industrial Wireless – Phoenix Contact FL WLAN 5101

phoenix_contact_wlan5101As the requirement for wireless network functionality continues to evolve, the need for faster speeds and quicker configuration of wireless devices is becoming more demanding. Wireless data transmission is becoming a more viable way of communication, and the amount of data being put on these networks is growing — and so is the importance of speed.

The FL WLAN 5101 from Phoenix Contact gives users the ease of configuration of their wireless network via Cluster Management and high data rates of up to 300 Mbps via the 802.11n standard. This enables them to cut configuration time and meet the needs of a data-rich network.

Cluster Management technology makes it possible to centrally configure and monitor all access points of a WLAN network via the intuitive, Web-based management interface at a single access point — without additional cost for expensive hardware or software.

Key Features:

  • Higher over-the-air data rates – up to 300 Mbps

The new WLAN 5101 provides high-speed WLAN 802.11n with MiMo antenna technology in industrial wireless applications. That means a data rate over the wireless path that is five times higher than the one using the current 802.11a/g standard.

  • Cluster Management

Cluster Management technology in the WLAN 5101 is a unique solution allowing the user to configure and make changes to networked Access Points from any point on the network. This eliminates the need for a central networking controller or the need to access each individual radio to make these network changes.

  • Housing designed for the control cabinet

The WLAN 5101 has been developed for easy installation, even under unfavorable conditions and in confined spaces. Unlike most industrial wireless products, the extremely compact WLAN 5100 fits optimally into the control cabinet and into compact switch cabinets or boxes for remote field mounting or automated well monitoring systems.

  • Broader range

With its excellent receiver technology and higher transmission power, the range of the WLAN 5101 is up to four times higher, compared to current Phoenix Contact WLAN devices. Thus, fewer Access Points are required per area, which reduces infrastructure costs. The WLAN 5101 is also very suitable for outdoor wireless paths covering several miles depending on environmental conditions.