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CONTACTRON Reversing Contactor from Phoenix Contact

phx_contactronThe new electronic CONTACTRON contactors from Phoenix Contact combine the advantages of the classic relay and modern semi-conductor technology with application competence and professional industrial design.

The result is a highly functional solid-state contactor that facilitates project planning and wiring, requires a minimum of space in the control cabinet and ensures maximum system availability with almost wear-free switching.

In short: An inspiring technology.


Smart Switch – Guarantee for high durability

Increase in productivity is the basic prerequisite for increasing the competitiveness of industrial systems. This requires: Maximum availability with short cycle times. Conventional switching devices such as mechanical contactors are often unable to keep pace with these requirements. A clear case for “electronic cutouts” – such as solid-state contactors, since these will offer you real added value with these requirements.

A microprocessor-controlled combination of rugged relay technology and wear-free solid-state technology enables “gentle” switching. This relieves the load on the relay contacts considerably and increases their life cycle at least ten times as against purely mechanical standard solutions.

Phoenix Contact “4 in 1” reversing contactor

A classical reversing contactor circuit consists of a reversing contactor combination, a motor protection relay and an additional emergency stop contactor arrangement as frequently required in mechanical engineering for safety.

For motors up to 4 kW, these functions have been integrated in the new 22.5 mm wide “4 in 1” solid-state reversing contactor. This makes installation considerably easier and saves a lot of space on the DIN rail. The almost wear-free switching increases system availability.


  • Right Contactor (Forward)
  • Left Contactor (Reverse)
  • Motor Overload Relay (Protection Relay)
  • Emergency Stop Contactor


  • The 22 mm wide design saves 75 percent more DIN rail space than reversing mechanical contactors.
  • No contact wear from moving parts reduces maintenance costs and creates a long switching lifetime.
  • The Contractron ensures reliable switching even under harsh ambient conditions.


  • Conveying Systems
  • Machine Tools
  • Pumps and Fans
  • Mixers

To find out more about the Phoenix Contact CONTACTRON contact your CPI representative today at 303-623-5313