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Thermomagnetic Circuit Breakers

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Phoenix Contact Plug-in Thermomagnetic Circuit Breakers for protecting against voltage dips caused by overloads and short circuits.

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0902344NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 63C 03A33 A$97.50
0914565NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 0,3A10.3 A$82.25
0914811NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 2,0A22 A$164.50
0914963NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 0,8A20.8 A$164.50
2800836NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 1A SFB P11 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 1077)$46.60
2800852NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 6A M1 P16 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$46.60
2907657NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 07A7 A$40.00
2907669NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 35A35 A$40.00
2907670NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 40A40 A$40.00
2907991NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 8 B1 80 57 C57$110.00
2907992NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 8 B1 80 37 CA37$100.00
2907993NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 8 B2 80 56 C56$125.00
2907995NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 8 B2 80 46 CA46$115.00
2907996NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 8 B3 80 57 C57$145.00
2907997NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 8 B3 80 48 CA48$135.00
0916602NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP SB$30.75
2800929NormalPhoenix ContactCB 1/6-2/4 PT-BE$16.20
0916592NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP CONNECT LR$18.25
2800835NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 0.5A SFB P10.5 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 1077)$46.60
2800837NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 2A SFB P12 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$46.60
2800838NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 3A SFB P13 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$46.60
2800839NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 4A SFB P14 A (IEC 60934)$46.60
2800840NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 5A SFB P15 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$46.60
2800841NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 6A SFB P16 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$46.60
2800842NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 8A SFB P18 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 1077)$46.60
2800843NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 10A SFB P110 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 1077)$46.60
2800844NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 12A SFB P112 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$46.60
2800845NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 16A SFB P116 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 1077)$46.60
2800846NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 0.5A M1 P10.5 A AC (inductive load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$46.60
2800847NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 1A M1 P11 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 1077)$46.60
2800848NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 2A M1 P12 A AC (inductive load according to UL 1077)$46.60
2800849NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 3A M1 P13 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 1077)$46.60
2800850NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 4A M1 P14 A AC (inductive load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$46.60
2800853NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 8A M1 P18 A (IEC 60934)$46.60
2800854NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 10A M1 P110 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$46.60
2800855NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 12A M1 P112 A AC (inductive load according to UL 1077)$46.60
2800856NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 16A M1 P116 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$46.60
2800857NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 0.5A F1 P10.5 A (IEC 60934)$46.60
2800858NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 1A F1 P11 A (IEC 60934)$46.60
2800859NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 2A F1 P12 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$46.60
2800860NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 3A F1 P13 A DC (inductive load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$46.60
2800861NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 4A F1 P14 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$46.60
2800862NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 5A F1 P1inductive load according to UL 1077$46.60
2800863NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 6A F1 P16 A DC (inductive load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$46.60
2800864NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 8A F1 P18 A (IEC 60934)$46.60
2800865NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 10A F1 P110 A (IEC 60934)$46.60
2800866NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 12A F1 P112 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$46.60
2800867NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 16A F1 P116 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$46.60
2800874NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 6A SFB P26 A DC (inductive load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800876NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 10A SFB P210 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
0711496NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 M1 300 25A125 A$78.00
0915629NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 F1 300 5,0A15 A$78.00
0915658NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 F1 300 10,0A110 A$78.00
0915674NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 F1 300 16,0A116 A$78.00
0915742NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 M1 300 1,0A11 A$78.00
0915768NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 M1 300 2,0A12 A$78.00
0915784NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 M1 300 3,0A13 A$78.00
0915807NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 M1 300 5,0A15 A$78.00
0915810NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 M1 300 6,0A16 A$78.00
0915823NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 M1 300 8,0A18 A$78.00
0915836NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 M1 300 10,0A110 A$78.00
0915849NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 M1 300 12,0A112 A$78.00
0915852NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 M1 300 16,0A116 A$78.00
2800851NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM1 5A M1 P15 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$46.60
2801305NormalPhoenix ContactCB 1/10-1/10 UT-BE16 A$16.20
0914468NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 2,5A12.5 A$82.25
0915535NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 F1 300 0,5A10.5 A$78.00
0915580NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 F1 300 2,0A12 A$78.00
0915603NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 F1 300 3,0A13 A$78.00
0915616NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 F1 300 4,0A14 A$78.00
0915632NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 F1 300 6,0A16 A$78.00
0915645NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 F1 300 8,0A18 A$78.00
0915687NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 M1 300 0,2A10.2 A$78.00
0915797NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 M1 300 4,0A14 A$78.00
2800875NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 8A SFB P28 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800877NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 12A SFB P212 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800880NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 1A M1 P21 A AC (inductive load according to UL 1077)$94.20
2800886NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 8A M1 P28 A AC (inductive load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800888NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 12A M1 P212 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800892NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 2A F1 P22 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800894NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 4A F1 P24 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 1077)$94.20
2800896NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 6A F1 P26 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800898NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 10A F1 P210 A DC (inductive load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800899NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 12A F1 P212 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
0914729NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 20,0A1$82.25
0915506NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 F1 300 0,2A10.2 A$78.00
0915548NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 F1 300 0,6A10.6 A$78.00
0915564NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 F1 300 1,0A11 A$78.00
0915593NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 F1 300 2,5A12.5 A$78.00
0914497NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 5,0A15 A$82.25
0914507NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 6,0A16 A$82.25
0914536NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 12,0A112 A$82.25
0914549NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 16,0A116 A$82.25
0914728NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 15,0A1$82.25
0915470NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 20,0A1$82.25
0915472NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 32,0A1$82.25
0915474NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 7,0A1$82.25
0916613NormalPhoenix ContactUT 6-TMC M 16A116 A$17.50
2800871NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 3A SFB P23 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800878NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 16A SFB P216 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800885NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 6A M1 P26 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800887NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 10A M1 P210 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800889NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 16A M1 P216 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800891NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 1A F1 P21 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800893NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 3A F1 P2inductive load according to UL 1077$94.20
2800900NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 16A F1 P216 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
0914060NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 0,8A10.8 A$82.25
0914138NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 5,0A15 A$82.25
0914167NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 10,0A110 A$82.25
0914170NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 12,0A112 A$82.25
0914345NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 200 10,0A110 A$82.25
0914358NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 200 12,0A112 A$82.25
0914387NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 0,3A10.3 A$82.25
0914617NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 1,0A11 A$82.25
0914675NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 5,0A15 A$82.25
0914691NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 8,0A18 A$82.25
0914714NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 12,0A112 A$82.25
0914726NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 25,0A1$82.25
0916603NormalPhoenix ContactUT 6-TMC M 0,5A10.5 A$17.50
0916605NormalPhoenix ContactUT 6-TMC M 2A12 A$17.50
0916606NormalPhoenix ContactUT 6-TMC M 4A14 A$17.50
0916607NormalPhoenix ContactUT 6-TMC M 5A15 A$17.50
0916608NormalPhoenix ContactUT 6-TMC M 6A16 A$17.50
0916609NormalPhoenix ContactUT 6-TMC M 8A18 A$17.50
0916610NormalPhoenix ContactUT 6-TMC M 10A110 A$17.50
0916611NormalPhoenix ContactUT 6-TMC M 12A112 A$17.50
0916612NormalPhoenix ContactUT 6-TMC M 15A115 A$17.50
0914015NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 0,2A10.2 A$82.25
0914028NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 0,3A10.3 A$82.25
0914031NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 0,4A10.4 A$82.25
0914044NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 0,5A10.5 A$82.25
0914057NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 0,6A10.6 A$82.25
0914073NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 1,0A11 A$82.25
0914086NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 1,5A11.5 A$82.25
0914099NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 2,0A12 A$82.25
0914109NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 2,5A12.5 A$82.25
0914125NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 4,0A14 A$82.25
0914141NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 6,0A16 A$82.25
0914154NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 8,0A18 A$82.25
0914183NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 16,0A116 A$82.25
0914222NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 200 0,5A10.5 A$82.25
0914251NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 200 1,0A11 A$82.25
0914277NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 200 2,0A12 A$82.25
0914280NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 200 2,5A12.5 A$82.25
0914303NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 200 4,0A14 A$82.25
0914316NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 200 5,0A15 A$82.25
0914332NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 200 8,0A18 A$82.25
0914361NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 200 16,0A116 A$82.25
0914374NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 0,2A10.2 A$82.25
0914390NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 0,4A10.4 A$82.25
0914400NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 0,5A10.5 A$82.25
0914413NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 0,6A10.6 A$82.25
0914426NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 0,8A10.8 A$82.25
0914439NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 1,0A11 A$82.25
0914442NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 1,5A11.5 A$82.25
0914455NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 2,0A12 A$82.25
0914471NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 3,0A13 A$82.25
0914484NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 4,0A14 A$82.25
0914510NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 8,0A18 A$82.25
0914523NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 10,0A110 A$82.25
0914552NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 0,2A10.2 A$82.25
0914578NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 0,4A10.4 A$82.25
0914581NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 0,5A10.5 A$82.25
0914620NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 1,5A11.5 A$82.25
0914633NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 2,0A12 A$82.25
0914646NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 2,5A12.5 A$82.25
0914659NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 3,0A13 A$82.25
0914662NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 4,0A14 A$82.25
0914688NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 6,0A16 A$82.25
0914701NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 10,0A110 A$82.25
0914727NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 16,0A116 A$82.25
0915473NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 15,0A1$82.25
0915475NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 0,1A1$82.25
0916604NormalPhoenix ContactUT 6-TMC M 1A11 A$17.50
2800872NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 4A SFB P24 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800883NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 4A M1 P24 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
0914112NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 100 3,0A13 A$82.25
0914293NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 200 3,0A13 A$82.25
0914329NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 200 6,0A16 A$82.25
2800890NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 0.5A F1 P20.5 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 1077)$94.20
0914264NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 200 1,5A11.5 A$82.25
0914594NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 0,6A10.6 A$82.25
0915471NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 100 25,0A1$82.25
2800868NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 0.5A SFB P20.5 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800869NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 1A SFB P21 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800870NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 2A SFB P22 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 1077)$94.20
2800873NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 5A SFB P25 A DC (inductive load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800879NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 0.5A M1 P20.5 A AC (inductive load according to UL 1077)$94.20
2800881NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 2A M1 P22 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800882NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 3A M1 P23 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800884NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 5A M1 P25 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800895NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 5A F1 P25 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
2800897NormalPhoenix ContactCB TM2 8A F1 P28 A DC (low-induction load according to UL 508 - with plug-in base)$94.20
0914196NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 F1 200 0,2A10.2 A$82.25
0916165NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 2 M1 300 5,0A25 A$156.00
0916178NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 2 M1 300 6,0A26 A$156.00
0916194NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 2 M1 300 10,0A210 A$156.00
0916217NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 2 M1 300 16,0A216 A$156.00
0916107NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 2 M1 300 1,0A21 A$156.00
0916123NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 2 M1 300 2,0A22 A$156.00
0916589NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP SOCKET M50 A$52.75
0914950NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 0,6A20.6 A$164.50
0915043NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 6,0A26 A$164.50
0915072NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 12,0A212 A$164.50
0916149NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 2 M1 300 3,0A23 A$156.00
0914785NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 0,8A20.8 A$164.50
0915085NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 16,0A216 A$164.50
0915442NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 3 M1 122 15,0A3$246.75
0902014NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 61C 0,5A10.5 A$32.50
0902108NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 61C 20A120 A$32.50
0914743NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 0,3A20.3 A$164.50
0914798NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 1,0A21 A$164.50
0914882NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 10,0A210 A$164.50
0914905NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 16,0A216 A$164.50
0914918NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 0,2A20.2 A$164.50
0914921NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 0,3A20.3 A$164.50
0914976NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 1,0A21 A$164.50
0914989NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 1,5A21.5 A$164.50
0914992NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 2,0A22 A$164.50
0915001NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 2,5A22.5 A$164.50
0915014NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 3,0A23 A$164.50
0915027NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 4,0A24 A$164.50
0915030NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 5,0A25 A$164.50
0915031NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 0,1A2$164.50
0915033NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 20,0A2$164.50
0915034NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 25,0A2$164.50
0915035NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 32,0A2$164.50
0915036NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 7,0A2$164.50
0915056NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 8,0A28 A$164.50
0915069NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 10,0A210 A$164.50
0915441NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 3 M1 122 16,0A316 A$246.75
0902085NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 61C 13A113 A$32.50
0902247NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 62C 16A216 A$65.00
0914769NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 0,5A20.5 A$164.50
0914772NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 0,6A20.6 A$164.50
0914824NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 2,5A22.5 A$164.50
0914840NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 4,0A24 A$164.50
0902027NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 61C 01A11 A$32.50
0902069NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 61C 06A16 A$32.50
0902072NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 61C 10A110 A$32.50
0914730NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 0,2A20.2 A$164.50
0914756NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 0,4A20.4 A$164.50
0914808NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 1,5A21.5 A$164.50
0914866NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 6,0A26 A$164.50
0902030NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 61C 02A12 A$32.50
0902056NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 61C 04A14 A$32.50
0902140NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 61C 50A150 A$32.50
0902153NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 61C 63A163 A$32.50
0902043NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 61C 03A13 A$32.50
0902124NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 61C 32A132 A$32.50
0914837NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 3,0A23 A$164.50
0914934NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 0,4A20.4 A$164.50
0914947NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 0,5A20.5 A$164.50
0915032NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 M1 120 15,0A2$164.50
2907558NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 01A11 A$20.00
2907559NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 02A12 A$20.00
2907560NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 03A13 A$20.00
2907561NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 04A14 A$20.00
2907562NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 05A15 A$20.00
2907563NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 06A16 A$20.00
2907564NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 07A17 A$20.00
2907565NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 08A18 A$20.00
2907566NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 10A110 A$20.00
2907568NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 12A112 A$20.00
2907569NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 13A113 A$20.00
2907571NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 15A115 A$20.00
2907572NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 16A116 A$20.00
2907573NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 20A120 A$20.00
2907574NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 25A125 A$20.00
2907575NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 30A130 A$20.00
2907576NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 32A132 A$20.00
2907577NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 35A135 A$20.00
2907578NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 40A140 A$20.00
2907579NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 50A150 A$20.00
2907580NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 60A160 A$20.00
2907581NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81C 63A163 A$20.00
2907582NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 01A1 A$40.00
2907584NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 02A2 A$40.00
2907585NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 03A3 A$40.00
2907586NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 04A4 A$40.00
2907587NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 05A5 A$40.00
2907588NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 06A6 A$40.00
2907589NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 07A7 A$40.00
2907590NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 08A8 A$40.00
2907591NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 10A10 A$40.00
2907592NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 12A12 A$40.00
2907593NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 13A13 A$40.00
2907594NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 15A15 A$40.00
2907595NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 16A16 A$40.00
2907597NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 20A20 A$40.00
2907598NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 25A25 A$40.00
2907599NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 30A30 A$40.00
2907600NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 32A32 A$40.00
2907601NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 35A35 A$40.00
2907602NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 40A40 A$40.00
2907603NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 50A50 A$40.00
2907604NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 60A60 A$40.00
2907605NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82C 63A63 A$40.00
2907607NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83C 01A1 A$60.00
2907608NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83C 02A2 A$60.00
2907609NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83C 03A3 A$60.00
2907610NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83C 04A4 A$60.00
2907611NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83C 05A5 A$60.00
2907612NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83C 06A6 A$60.00
2907613NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83C 07A7 A$60.00
2907614NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83C 08A8 A$60.00
2907615NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83C 10A10 A$60.00
2907616NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83C 12A12 A$60.00
2907617NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83C 13A13 A$60.00
2907618NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83C 15A15 A$60.00
2907620NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83C 16A16 A$60.00
2907621NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83C 20A20 A$60.00
2907623NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83C 25A25 A$60.00
2907624NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83C 30A30 A$60.00
2907625NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83C 32A32 A$60.00
2907626NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 01A11 A$20.00
2907627NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 02A12 A$20.00
2907628NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 03A13 A$20.00
2907629NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 04A14 A$20.00
2907630NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 05A15 A$20.00
2907631NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 06A16 A$20.00
2907632NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 07A17 A$20.00
2907633NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 08A18 A$20.00
2907634NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 10A110 A$20.00
2907636NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 12A112 A$20.00
2907637NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 13A113 A$20.00
2907638NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 15A115 A$20.00
2907639NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 16A116 A$20.00
2907640NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 20A120 A$20.00
2907641NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 25A125 A$20.00
2907642NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 30A130 A$20.00
2907643NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 32A132 A$20.00
2907644NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 35A135 A$20.00
2907645NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 40A140 A$20.00
2907646NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 50A150 A$20.00
2907647NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 60A160 A$20.00
2907649NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81D 63A163 A$20.00
2907650NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 01A1 A$40.00
2907652NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 02A2 A$40.00
2907653NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 03A3 A$40.00
2907654NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 04A4 A$40.00
2907655NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 05A5 A$40.00
2907656NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 06A6 A$40.00
2907658NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 08A8 A$40.00
2907659NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 10A10 A$40.00
2907660NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 12A12 A$40.00
2907661NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 13A13 A$40.00
2907662NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 15A15 A$40.00
2907663NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 16A16 A$40.00
2907665NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 20A20 A$40.00
2907666NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 25A25 A$40.00
2907667NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 30A30 A$40.00
2907668NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 32A32 A$40.00
2907671NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 50A50 A$40.00
2907672NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 60A60 A$40.00
2907673NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82D 63A63 A$40.00
2907674NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83D 01A1 A$60.00
2907675NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83D 02A2 A$60.00
2907676NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83D 03A3 A$60.00
2907678NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83D 04A4 A$60.00
2907679NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83D 05A5 A$60.00
2907681NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83D 06A6 A$60.00
2907682NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83D 07A7 A$60.00
2907683NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83D 08A8 A$60.00
2907684NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83D 10A10 A$60.00
2907685NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83D 12A12 A$60.00
2907686NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83D 13A13 A$60.00
2907687NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83D 15A15 A$60.00
2907688NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83D 16A16 A$60.00
2907689NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83D 20A20 A$60.00
2907690NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83D 25A25 A$60.00
2907691NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83D 30A30 A$60.00
2907692NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83D 32A32 A$60.00
0914879NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 8,0A28 A$164.50
0915444NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 3 M1 122 25,0A3$246.75
0915443NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 3 M1 122 20,0A3$246.75
0915445NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 3 M1 122 32,0A3$246.75
0902166NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 62C 0,5A20.5 A$65.00
0902179NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 62C 01A21 A$65.00
0902234NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 62C 13A213 A$65.00
0902263NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 62C 25A225 A$65.00
0902221NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 62C 10A210 A$65.00
0902182NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 62C 02A22 A$65.00
0902205NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 62C 04A24 A$65.00
0902250NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 62C 20A220 A$65.00
0902292NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 62C 50A250 A$65.00
0902302NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 62C 63A263 A$65.00
0902289NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 62C 40A240 A$65.00
0902276NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 62C 32A232 A$65.00
0902315NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 63C 0,5A30.5 A$97.50
0902373NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 63C 10A310 A$97.50
0902386NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 63C 13A313 A$97.50
0902399NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 63C 16A316 A$97.50
0902409NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 63C 20A320 A$97.50
0902328NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 63C 01A31 A$97.50
0902357NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 63C 04A34 A$97.50
0902331NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 63C 02A32 A$97.50
0902360NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 63C 06A36 A$97.50
0902412NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 63C 25A325 A$97.50
0902425NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 63C 32A332 A$97.50
0902438NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 63C 40A340 A$97.50
0902441NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 63C 50A350 A$97.50
0902454NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 63C 63A363 A$97.50
0914604NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 0,8A10.8 A$82.25
0914724NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 0,1A1$82.25
0914725NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 1 M1 200 32,0A1$82.25
0914853NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 5,0A25 A$164.50
0914895NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 2 F1 120 12,0A212 A$164.50
0915446NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 3 M1 122 0,1A3$246.75
0915519NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 F1 300 0,3A10.3 A$78.00
0915522NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 F1 300 0,4A10.4 A$78.00
0915551NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 F1 300 0,8A10.8 A$78.00
0915661NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 F1 300 12,0A112 A$78.00
0915690NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 M1 300 0,3A10.3 A$78.00
0915713NormalPhoenix ContactTMCP 1 M1 300 0,5A10.5 A$78.00
2907478NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 01A11 A$20.00
2907479NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 02A12 A$20.00
2907480NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 03A13 A$20.00
2907481NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 04A14 A$20.00
2907482NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 05A15 A$20.00
2907483NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 06A16 A$20.00
2907484NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 07A17 A$20.00
2907485NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 08A18 A$20.00
2907487NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 10A110 A$20.00
2907488NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 12A112 A$20.00
2907489NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 13A113 A$20.00
2907490NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 15A115 A$20.00
2907491NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 16A116 A$20.00
2907492NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 20A120 A$20.00
2907493NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 25A125 A$20.00
2907494NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 30A130 A$20.00
2907495NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 32A132 A$20.00
2907496NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 35A135 A$20.00
2907497NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 40A140 A$20.00
2907498NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 50A150 A$20.00
2907500NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 60A160 A$20.00
2907501NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 81B 63A163 A$20.00
2907502NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 01A21 A$40.00
2907503NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 02A22 A$40.00
2907504NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 03A23 A$40.00
2907505NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 04A24 A$40.00
2907506NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 05A25 A$40.00
2907507NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 06A26 A$40.00
2907508NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 07A27 A$40.00
2907510NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 08A28 A$40.00
2907511NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 10A210 A$40.00
2907512NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 12A212 A$40.00
2907513NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 13A213 A$40.00
2907514NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 15A215 A$40.00
2907515NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 16A216 A$40.00
2907516NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 20A220 A$40.00
2907530NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 25A225 A$40.00
2907531NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 30A230 A$40.00
2907532NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 32A232 A$40.00
2907533NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 35A235 A$40.00
2907534NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 40A240 A$40.00
2907535NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 50A250 A$40.00
2907536NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 60A260 A$40.00
2907537NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 82B 63A263 A$40.00
2907539NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83B 01A31 A$60.00
2907540NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83B 02A32 A$60.00
2907542NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83B 03A33 A$60.00
2907543NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83B 04A34 A$60.00
2907544NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83B 05A35 A$60.00
2907545NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83B 06A36 A$60.00
2907546NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83B 07A37 A$60.00
2907547NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83B 08A38 A$60.00
2907548NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83B 10A310 A$60.00
2907549NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83B 12A312 A$60.00
2907550NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83B 13A313 A$60.00
2907551NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83B 15A315 A$60.00
2907552NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83B 16A316 A$60.00
2907553NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83B 20A320 A$60.00
2907555NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83B 25A325 A$60.00
2907556NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83B 30A330 A$60.00
2907557NormalPhoenix ContactTMC 83B 32A32 A$60.00