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Power Supplies

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Phoenix Contact DIN rail mounted power supply units maximize the availability of your industrial control system or automation application.

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2902991QuickShipPhoenix ContactUNO POWER1.253024 VDC$40.80
2902992QuickShipPhoenix ContactUNO POWER2.56024 VDC$50.15
2902998QuickShipPhoenix ContactUNO POWER2.53012 VDC$45.05
2902993QuickShipPhoenix ContactUNO POWER4.210024 VDC$80.75
2902999QuickShipPhoenix ContactUNO POWER4.65512 VDC$56.10
2868635QuickShipPhoenix ContactSTEP POWER0.751824 V DC$39.95
2868648QuickShipPhoenix ContactSTEP POWER1.754224 VDC$56.95
2868651QuickShipPhoenix ContactSTEP POWER2.56024 VDC$68.00
2868664QuickShipPhoenix ContactSTEP POWER4.210024 VDC$95.20
2868677QuickShipPhoenix ContactSTEP POWER3.89124 VDC$90.10
2866268QuickShipPhoenix ContactTRIO POWER2.56024 VDC$89.25
2866310QuickShipPhoenix ContactTRIO POWER512024 VDC$141.95
2866323NormalPhoenix ContactTRIO POWER1024024 VDC$203.15
2866381NormalPhoenix ContactTRIO POWER2048024 VDC$318.75
2866750QuickShipPhoenix ContactQUINT POWER512024 VDC$233.75
2866763QuickShipPhoenix ContactQUINT POWER1024024 VDC$336.60
2866776QuickShipPhoenix ContactQUINT POWER2048024 VDC$498.95