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Phoenix Contact Oil & Gas Industry Solutions

The Oil and Gas industries supply more than 60 percent of the energy requirements for the United States. Because these two industries touch our lives in so many ways, the efficient management of oil and gas resources has become essential for a healthy and vibrant economy.

CPI is committed to the safe extraction of Colorado’s natural oil and gas resources and is a respected partner in this growing industry along the Rocky Mountain Front Range. We have partnered with Phoenix Contact to develop products, technologies and a supply chain designed to meet the rugged environmental demands found in the Oil and Gas Industries.

Industrial networking and automation solutions from Phoenix Contact provide reliable information and the control needed to help optimize oil and gas operations. Phoenix Contact’s industrial wireless solutions enable connectivity to remote and local assets for centralized process monitoring and control while surge protection and rugged power supplies provide a reliable source of power, assuring more uptime for critical systems.

Phoenix Contact and the engineering support team at CPI offer a wide range of product and application solutions for secure, scalable industrial networks, remote connectivity and reliable power needed to ensure the availability and reliability of control and SCADA systems for the oil and gas industries.