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Migrating From the Twido PLC to the Modicon M221 PLC

 Migration is Simple

  Converting from the Twido PLC to the Modicon M221 PLC


Migrating from the Schneider Electric Twido PLC platform to the MachineStruxure platform is as easy as 1 2 3. With the scalability of SoMachine Software you can easily move between controller families in a new project or convert existing projects to work with more powerful controller families. Your solution evolves to accomodate the growth of your application. 

Step 1: Remove Twido controller and disconnect  the Modicon TM2 modules 

Modicon TM2 modules

Step 2: Add a new Modicon M221 controller, reconnect the Modicon TM2 modules, switch to Modicon TM3 modules, or choose a combination of both. 

Modicon TM3 modules and / or Modicon TM2 modules

Step 3: Convert & Download the Twido program in a Modicon M221 Controller using SoMachine Basic Software