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CPI Quickship Program - What You Need To Know

Consolidated Parts Inc. has upgraded their web site, inventory and shipping department to accommodate the new  "Quick Ship" program.  We make the acquiring of control and automation products even easier for customers! This new program allows for easy access, browsing, and comparison of our products.   Please see below for features and benefits of this program.


Comparing Items

You can select and compare up to 5 items side by side!  All you need to do is to click in the check box of the items you would like to compare and click on the button to compare items.

Quickship Inventory = Local Inventory

If a product you are searching for is listed under our Quick Ship inventory, that means that you can pick up your product now--locally!  There is no need to pay for expensive next day shipping when a product is needed quickly.

Reduction of Error

The designing engineers can choose items that are easy to acquire.  After choosing all the needed parts, the Bill of Material can be exported to a CVS file, reducing errors.

Other Benefits

The Quick Ship program is so smart, that it will even offer additional information along with a list of related products, while you are browsing.