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Auxiliary Contact Kits

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Schneider Electric IEC auxiliary contact blocks for use on TeSys series contactors in motor control applications.

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LADN01QuickShip1NCTeSys LC1F Series Contactor$10.87
LADN02Normal2NCF Line Reversing Contactor$17.18
LADN04Normal4NCF Line Reversing Contactor$34.45
LADN10Normal1NOTeSys LC1F Series Contactor$10.87
LADN11QuickShip1NO-1NCF Line Reversing Contactor$17.18
LADN13Normal1NO-3NCF Line Reversing Contactor$34.45
LADN20QuickShip2NOF Line Reversing Contactor$17.18
LADN22QuickShip2NO-2NCF Line Reversing Contactor$34.45
LADN31Normal3NO-1NCF Line Reversing Contactor$34.45
LADN40Normal4NOF Line Reversing Contactor$34.45
LAD8N11QuickShip1NO-1NCCAD Series TeSys IEC Type Industrial Control Relay$17.18
LAD8N20Normal2NOCAD Series TeSys IEC Type Industrial Control Relay$17.18