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Standard Fuses

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Mersen standard UL power fuses for environments requiring class T, J, or RK5 fuse ratings. For use in electric motor and indusrial control applications.

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A3T1NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC1 Amp$22.68
A3T10NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC10 Amp$22.68
A3T100NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC100 Amp$25.97
A3T1000NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC1000 Amp$552.48
A3T110NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC110 Amp$51.74
A3T1200NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC1200 Amp$552.48
A3T125QuickShipClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC125 Amp$49.44
A3T15NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC15 Amp$22.68
A3T150NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC150 Amp$42.11
A3T175NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC175 Amp$51.74
A3T20NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC20 Amp$22.68
A3T200NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC200 Amp$32.90
A3T225NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC225 Amp$114.40
A3T25NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC25 Amp$22.68
A3T250NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC250 Amp$114.40
A3T3NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC3 Amp$22.68
A3T30NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC30 Amp$22.68
A3T300NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC300 Amp$109.70
A3T35NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC35 Amp$24.16
A3T350NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC350 Amp$86.54
A3T40NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC40 Amp$23.08
A3T400NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC400 Amp$62.21
A3T45NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC45 Amp$24.16
A3T450NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC450 Amp$113.69
A3T50NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC50 Amp$24.16
A3T500NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC500 Amp$150.31
A3T6NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC6 Amp$22.68
A3T60NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC60 Amp$17.56
A3T600NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC600 Amp$104.23
A3T70NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC70 Amp$27.88
A3T700NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC700 Amp$486.00
A3T80QuickShipClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC80 Amp$34.27
A3T800NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC800 Amp$414.88
A3T90NormalClass T Fuse300 VAC/160 VDC90 Amp$34.27
A6T1NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC1 Amp$23.09
A6T10QuickShipClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC10 Amp$18.22
A6T100QuickShipClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC100 Amp$44.46
A6T110NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC110 Amp$66.32
A6T125NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC125 Amp$63.64
A6T15NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC15 Amp$18.22
A6T150NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC150 Amp$54.13
A6T175NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC175 Amp$66.32
A6T20NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC20 Amp$19.61
A6T200NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC200 Amp$63.64
A6T225NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC225 Amp$155.32
A6T25NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC25 Amp$18.22
A6T250NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC250 Amp$133.67
A6T3NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC3 Amp$23.09
A6T30QuickShipClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC30 Amp$13.19
A6T300NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC300 Amp$145.80
A6T35NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC35 Amp$27.46
A6T350NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC350 Amp$173.71
A6T40NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC40 Amp$29.60
A6T400NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC400 Amp$156.47
A6T45NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC45 Amp$34.88
A6T450NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC450 Amp$342.10
A6T50NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC50 Amp$27.46
A6T500NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC500 Amp$355.80
A6T6NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC6 Amp$18.22
A6T60NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC60 Amp$19.70
A6T600NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC600 Amp$383.69
A6T70NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC70 Amp$37.20
A6T700NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC700 Amp$411.32
A6T80NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC80 Amp$44.46
A6T800NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC800 Amp$444.86
A6T90NormalClass T Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC90 Amp$54.68
AJT1NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC1 Amp$19.81
AJT10QuickShipClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC10 Amp$19.81
AJT100QuickShipClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC100 Amp$69.73
AJT100EINormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC100 Amp$144.47
AJT1-1/2NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC1-1/2 Amp$19.81
AJT1-1/4NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC1-1/4 Amp$19.81
AJT110NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC110 Amp$169.71
AJT110EINormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC110 Amp$229.07
AJT12NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC12 Amp$24.23
AJT125NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC125 Amp$139.50
AJT125EINormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC125 Amp$223.09
AJT15QuickShipClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC15 Amp$19.81
AJT150NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC150 Amp$139.50
AJT150EINormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC150 Amp$223.09
AJT1-6/10NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC1-6/10 Amp$19.81
AJT17-1/2NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC17-1/2 Amp$24.23
AJT175NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC175 Amp$169.71
AJT175EINormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC175 Amp$229.07
AJT1-8/10NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC1-8/10 Amp$24.23
AJT2NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC2 Amp$19.81
AJT20QuickShipClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC20 Amp$19.81
AJT200NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC200 Amp$139.50
AJT200EINormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC200 Amp$223.09
AJT2-1/2NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC2-1/2 Amp$19.81
AJT2-1/4QuickShipClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC2-1/4 Amp$19.81
AJT225NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC225 Amp$343.77
AJT225EINormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC225 Amp$398.48
AJT25QuickShipClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC25 Amp$19.81
AJT250NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC250 Amp$279.95
AJT250EINormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC250 Amp$393.98
AJT2-8/10NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC2-8/10 Amp$27.06
AJT3NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC3 Amp$19.81
AJT30QuickShipClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC30 Amp$19.81
AJT300NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC300 Amp$279.95
AJT300EINormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC300 Amp$393.98
AJT3-1/2NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC3-1/2 Amp$24.23
AJT3-2/10NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC3-2/10 Amp$27.06
AJT35QuickShipClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC35 Amp$33.77
AJT350NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC350 Amp$343.77
AJT350EINormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC350 Amp$398.48
AJT4NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC4 Amp$24.23
AJT40QuickShipClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC40 Amp$33.77
AJT400NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC400 Amp$279.95
AJT400EINormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC400 Amp$393.98
AJT4-1/2QuickShipClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC4-1/2 Amp$24.23
AJT45NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC45 Amp$33.77
AJT450NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC450 Amp$547.20
AJT450EINormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC450 Amp$592.78
AJT5NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC5 Amp$19.81
AJT50QuickShipClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC50 Amp$33.77
AJT500NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC500 Amp$547.20
AJT500EINormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC500 Amp$592.78
AJT5-6/10NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC5-6/10 Amp$27.06
AJT6NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC6 Amp$19.81
AJT60QuickShipClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC60 Amp$33.77
AJT600NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC600 Amp$501.37
AJT600EINormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC600 Amp$573.85
AJT6-1/4NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC6-1/4 Amp$24.23
AJT7NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC7 Amp$24.23
AJT70NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC70 Amp$69.73
AJT70EINormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC70 Amp$144.47
AJT8NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC8 Amp$24.23
AJT80QuickShipClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC80 Amp$69.73
AJT80EINormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC80 Amp$144.47
AJT9NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC9 Amp$24.23
AJT90NormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC90 Amp$85.58
AJT90EINormalClass J Fuse600 VAC/500 VDC90 Amp$148.12
TR1/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC1/10 Amp$14.83
TR1/2RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC1/2 Amp$11.17
TR100RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC100 Amp$24.25
TR10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC10 Amp$7.36
TR1-1/4RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC1-1/4 Amp$14.00
TR1-1/8RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC1-1/8 Amp$14.83
TR110RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC110 Amp$74.32
TR125RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC125 Amp$53.31
TR12RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC12 Amp$9.00
TR1-4/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC1-4/10 Amp$14.83
TR15/100RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC15/100 Amp$14.83
TR150RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC150 Amp$53.31
TR15RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC15 Amp$5.90
TR1-6/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC1-6/10 Amp$10.03
TR17-1/2RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC17-1/2 Amp$7.39
TR175RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC175 Amp$65.44
TR1-8/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC1-8/10 Amp$14.83
TR1RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC1 Amp$9.79
TR2/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC2/10 Amp$14.83
TR200RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC200 Amp$53.31
TR20RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC20 Amp$5.90
TR2-1/2RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC2-1/2 Amp$10.91
TR2-1/4RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC2-1/4 Amp$14.83
TR225RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC225 Amp$118.10
TR250RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC250 Amp$118.10
TR25RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC25 Amp$5.90
TR2-8/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC2-8/10 Amp$14.00
TR2RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC2 Amp$8.04
TR3/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC3/10 Amp$14.83
TR300RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC300 Amp$118.10
TR30RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC30 Amp$5.90
TR3-1/2RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC3-1/2 Amp$10.09
TR3-2/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC3-2/10 Amp$9.00
TR350RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC350 Amp$120.28
TR35RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC35 Amp$10.79
TR3RQuickShipClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC3 Amp$9.00
TR4/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC4/10 Amp$14.83
TR400RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC400 Amp$96.14
TR40RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC40 Amp$10.79
TR4-1/2RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC4-1/2 Amp$10.09
TR450RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC450 Amp$193.77
TR45RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC45 Amp$10.79
TR4RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC4 Amp$9.00
TR500RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC500 Amp$184.32
TR50RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC50 Amp$10.79
TR5-6/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC5-6/10 Amp$12.91
TR5RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC5 Amp$7.36
TR6/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC6/10 Amp$13.13
TR600RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC600 Amp$157.44
TR60RQuickShipClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC60 Amp$10.79
TR6-1/4RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC6-1/4 Amp$10.01
TR6RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC6 Amp$9.00
TR70RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC70 Amp$24.25
TR75RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC75 Amp$43.03
TR7RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC7 Amp$10.09
TR8/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC8/10 Amp$14.00
TR80RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC80 Amp$24.25
TR8RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC8 Amp$9.00
TR90RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/VDC90 Amp$29.78
TR9RNormalClass RK5 Fuse250 VAC/160 VDC9 Amp$11.93
TRS1/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC1/10 Amp$29.36
TRS1/2RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC1/2 Amp$27.52
TRS100RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC100 Amp$46.39
TRS10RQuickShipClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC10 Amp$14.83
TRS1-1/4RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC1-1/4 Amp$19.87
TRS1-1/8RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC1-1/8 Amp$28.03
TRS110RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC110 Amp$92.80
TRS125RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC125 Amp$92.80
TRS12RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC12 Amp$14.83
TRS1-4/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC1-4/10 Amp$28.03
TRS15/100RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC15/100 Amp$29.36
TRS150RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC150 Amp$92.80
TRS15RQuickShipClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC15 Amp$13.09
TRS1-6/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC1-6/10 Amp$19.64
TRS17-1/2RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC17-1/2 Amp$13.09
TRS175RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC175 Amp$92.80
TRS1-8/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC1-8/10 Amp$26.08
TRS1RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC1 Amp$19.64
TRS2/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC2/10 Amp$29.36
TRS200RQuickShipClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC200 Amp$92.80
TRS20RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC20 Amp$13.09
TRS2-1/2RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC2-1/2 Amp$19.64
TRS2-1/4RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC2-1/4 Amp$19.87
TRS225RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC225 Amp$185.56
TRS250RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC250 Amp$185.56
TRS25RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC25 Amp$13.09
TRS2-8/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC2-8/10 Amp$21.80
TRS2RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC2 Amp$15.95
TRS3/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC3/10 Amp$29.36
TRS300RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC300 Amp$185.56
TRS30RQuickShipClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC30 Amp$13.09
TRS3-1/2RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC3-1/2 Amp$18.26
TRS3-2/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC3-2/10 Amp$18.26
TRS350RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC350 Amp$185.56
TRS35RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC35 Amp$22.45
TRS3RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC3 Amp$14.83
TRS4/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC4/10 Amp$29.36
TRS400RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC400 Amp$185.56
TRS40RQuickShipClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC40 Amp$22.45
TRS4-1/2RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC4-1/2 Amp$20.65
TRS450RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC450 Amp$315.29
TRS45RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC45 Amp$22.45
TRS4RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC4 Amp$14.83
TRS500RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC500 Amp$315.29
TRS50RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC50 Amp$22.45
TRS5-6/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC5-6/10 Amp$20.65
TRS5RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC5 Amp$14.83
TRS6/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC6/10 Amp$27.52
TRS600RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC600 Amp$269.31
TRS60RQuickShipClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/300 VDC60 Amp$22.45
TRS6-1/4RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC6-1/4 Amp$18.26
TRS6RQuickShipClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC6 Amp$14.83
TRS70RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC70 Amp$46.39
TRS75RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC75 Amp$64.31
TRS7RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC7 Amp$18.26
TRS8/10RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC8/10 Amp$27.52
TRS80RQuickShipClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC80 Amp$46.39
TRS8RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC8 Amp$14.83
TRS90RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC90 Amp$46.39
TRS9RNormalClass RK5 Fuse600 VAC/VDC9 Amp$18.26