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Industrial Wireless LAN

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Factoryline WLAN products from Phoenix Contact are flexible and reliable automation solutions for creating industrial wireless networks. This powerful WiFi technology is ideal for networks with a large number of devices and is suitable for time-critical applications thanks to low latency and QoS prioritization.

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2701093NormalPhoenix ContactFL WLAN 51011 WLAN Module2.4/5 GHz a/b/g/n$832.50
2700488NormalPhoenix ContactFL WLAN EPA 5N1 WLAN Module5 GHz a/n$450.00
2692791NormalPhoenix ContactFL WLAN EPA1 WLAN Module2.4 GHz b/g/n$450.00
2700448NormalPhoenix ContactFL WLAN 24 AP 802-11-US1 WAP Module2.4/5 GHz a/b/g$1,170.00
2700449NormalPhoenix ContactFL WLAN 24 EC 802-11-US1 WLAN Client2.4/5 GHz a/b/g/h$661.50
2700451NormalPhoenix ContactFL WLAN 24 DAP 802-11-US1 WAP Module2.4/5 GHz a/b/g/h$1,620.00
2700452NormalPhoenix ContactFL WLAN 230 AP 802-11-US1 WAP Module2.4/5 GHz a/b/g/h$1,215.00
2900046NormalPhoenix ContactRAD-80211-XD/HP1 Tranceiver2.4 GHz$1,440.00
2900047NormalPhoenix ContactRAD-80211-XD/HP-BUS1 Tranceiver2.4 GHz$1,530.00