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Machine Lighting

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Idec Lumifa LED light strips provide a brighter, longer lasting, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly lighting source for harsh environments. Their slim design makes them perfect for use where space is a concern such as Industrial Control Panels.

Operating Voltage: 24V DC
Degree of Protection: IP65

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LF1B-NB3P-2THWW2-3MQuickShipCool WhiteClear210 mm$85.00
LF1B-NB3P-2TLWW2-3MNormalWarm WhiteClear210 mm$85.00
LF1B-NB4P-2THWW2-3MNormalCool WhiteWhite210 mm$85.00
LF1B-NB4P-2TLWW2-3MNormalWarm WhiteWhite210 mm$85.00
LF1B-NC3P-2THWW2-3MQuickShipCool WhiteClear330 mm$113.00
LF1B-NC3P-2TLWW2-3MNormalWarm WhiteClear330 mm$113.00
LF1B-NC4P-2THWW2-3MNormalCool WhiteWhite330 mm$113.00
LF1B-NC4P-2TLWW2-3MNormalWarm WhiteWhite330 mm$113.00
LF1B-ND3P-2THWW2-3MQuickShipCool WhiteClear580 mm$170.00
LF1B-ND3P-2TLWW2-3MNormalWarm WhiteClear580 mm$170.00
LF1B-ND4P-2THWW2-3MNormalCool WhiteWhite580 mm$170.00
LF1B-ND4P-2TLWW2-3MNormalWarm WhiteWhite580 mm$170.00