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Industrial Ethernet Security

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The FL mGuard product line from Phoenix Contact provides industrially rated security functions including firewall, routing and VPN to industrial networks. These high level Layer-3 networking functions are essential for protecting your industrial network from both malicious attacks and accidental interruption, as well as connecting to office or IT-networks and providing secure, fast connectivity for supporting remote installations.

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2200515NormalPhoenix ContactFL MGUARD RS4000 TX/TX VPNIndustrial VPN RouterRJ45, COMBICON, 24VDC/250 mA10$1,258.44
2700197NormalPhoenix ContactFL MGUARD GT/GTIndustrial Firewall RouterEthernet, Serial, SFP0$1,529.87
2700198NormalPhoenix ContactFL MGUARD GT/GT VPNIndustrial VPN RouterEthernet, Serial, SFP10$1,628.58
2700634NormalPhoenix ContactFL MGUARD RS4000 TX/TXIndustrial VPN RouterRJ45, COMBICON0$1,159.74
2700639NormalPhoenix ContactFL MGUARD SMART2 VPNMobile VPN RouterEthernet10$591.22
2700642NormalPhoenix ContactFL MGUARD RS2000 TX/TX VPNIndustrial VPN RouterRJ45, COMBICON, 24VDC/250 mA2$863.63
2700967NormalPhoenix ContactFL MGUARD DELTA TX/TXDesktop VPN RouterEthernet0$567.53
2989417NormalPhoenix ContactFL MGUARD PCI/533 VPNPCI Card VPN RouterEthernet10$689.92
2700193NormalPhoenix ContactFL MGUARD LIC VPN-250License N/A250$750.00
2700194NormalPhoenix ContactFL MGUARD LIC VPN-10LicenseN/A10$125.00